Sacred Earth Energy Medicine

Perhaps you are seeking a more fulfilling and healthy life. The Light Body Illumination can help you to turn your wounds into wisdom, wholeness, and healing.

Certified Light Body Practitioner

Each Light Body session is uniquely crafted for your needs. Our time together may include talking, breathing, visualization, chanting, guided meditations, divination, and closing insights. Much of the time you will be relaxing, fully clothed, on a massage table.

Healing the Luminous Energy Field uses ancient healing methods completely useful for modern times. The Illumination is based on the natural solution: Healing and Wholeness.

Sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes. Each session includes use of the Biomat, which utilizes far infrared and negative ion therapy. Please reserve extra time after your session for integration. $175 by appointment.

For information on Moon/Fire Ceremonies, and uniquely curated ceremonies to honor life changes, contact Kara below.

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Disclaimerplease check box next to Agree aboveI am a shamanic practitioner and teacher. My services complement those provided by licensed health care providers. I am not licensed to practice medicine, psychology or diagnostic services. My services are intended to assist you with your individual Soul Journey and not as substitute for medical treatment.
Energy Medicine Session

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As both a trauma and cancer survivor, Kara’s Earth energy sessions have been life-changing. She is skilled in providing a safe and soothing container which has helped facilitate deep healing and also given me tools for continued spiritual growth.
Elaine B
Bellingham, WA